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    I deleted the 4 pictures I'm talking about almost 1 yr ago. I took the pics with my current phone. 3 of the pic's were sent to someone not connected to my brother in any way by facebook messenger. 1 of the pics I had texted to him through regular text. Well now the 3 pics I had sent to that person on facebook messenger of jewelry are showing up in his facebook messenger. The one I sent him was a pic of a jug of protein powder so he knew which one to buy and that one is showing up in his camera pictures as though he took the picture. Twice in the past week he has received the pics in both places. Nothing identifying on the pic or in the details of the pictures. Just time and date sent in the details. The only way he knew they had even been my pictures is that he recognized the back ground being in my house. I have checked my Google Drive, my Google +, my picture files, and my camera and those pictures DO NOT exist! I knew when he sent them to me asking why I was sending him these pic that I had deleted them shortly after I took them and asked him how he even got them. Our facebooks, google anything, phone service carriers and camera are not connected in anyway. He has Sprint, I have ATT.

    How is this happening? Why can this happen?
    02-15-2015 01:18 PM

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