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    TLDR I got lucky and my s5 [from verizon] broke, and support had me install the lolipop update to see if it fixed my problem [it didnt] but it meant i got to look at the absolutely god-awful horrific OS, so I know I don't want it. The new phone they sent me THANKFULLY has kitkat 4.4.4 installed, however I have a constant notification in my bar demanding I install it.

    I have the option to either ignore the update, which pops up demanding I update every single time I unlock my window, tel lit to auto update at a certain time in a 12 hour period, or update right now.

    My question is how do i fix this.

    I am not rooted, as towelroot doesn't work for my phone apparently, and i desperately don't want this ****ty update. Please help x-x
    02-15-2015 02:04 PM

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