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    I experienced a very frustrating (and freaky) occurrence on my Sprint Galaxy S5. It received android 5.0 last week, resulting in sluggish performance and hyper battery drain. So today I did a factory reset, and was smoothly progressing on restoration of apps, widgets, etc. I then got pulled away from the project for an hour, and when i looked at the device again, it looked like it had undergone another factory reset! Only this time it had a lot more sprint and other junk on the home screens, along with a few other odd conditions. Can you think of ANY application/function that could come close to the symptom I've described? Its not like I have to "save" my home screen setup before leaving the project...what could "undo" what I had done? Very weird and frustrating. I'm starting over, but thanks for any suggestion.
    02-15-2015 06:22 PM

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