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    thank you (:
    02-16-2015 06:04 PM
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    That depends on the amount of charge left when you start charging it (which you should never let drop below 40% if you want the battery to last) and whether the phone is on or off when it's charging. If it's on, it depends on what's running - the more current the phone is using, the longer it will take to charge.

    The actual answer, depending on the above, and the amount of current the phone can draw from the charger, runs anywhere from 1 hour from 1% to 100% (charging faster is bad for the battery, and if the battery ever drops to 0% charge [not what the phone says, but what's actually going on in the battery], the battery is hazardous waste, it's not a battery any more - charging a completely discharged lithium battery causes an explosion) to "it'll discharge slower when the charger is plugged in, it'll never charge" (if the phone is using more power than it can draw).

    From 40% to 100%, with the phone off, would normally take about an hour, because most well-designed phones charge at 3/4 the capacity of the battery, which is best for the battery and most convenient. (Charging at 10% capacity is just a tiny bit better for the battery, but it would take about 8-10 hours to charge. Charging at full capacity shortens the life of the battery just a bit - but a properly cared for battery can last so long you can't use the phone any more. My spare phone is a 10 year old Motorola V551 still using the original battery. It has a contact list and a camera [which were new back then]. The original batteries are still working fine. Even one of my MicroTACs can run about 15 minutes on its 26 year old battery.)
    02-16-2015 10:26 PM

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