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    Hi, So i rooted my phone via towelroot about a month ago i loaded a custom gui and other programs and everything it worked great . But then about 2 weeks later when i would want to connect to wifi the phone would get stuck on obtaining ip for every router and isp that i connected to. I thot i might have had a bug so i decided to factory reset thru the settings menu but that didnt work the problem kept happening. The phone has a sim card but its not activated because i have a htc one m8. The static ip method works but only for my home cause all u need is the wpa2 key and not a login screen. I work in the pentetsting field and i use my android to nmap devices sometimes so i cant use static ip for my clients i need to connect via DHCP. And when i try to reroot via towelroot it says its rooted but then i go into supersu and it says binaries arent installed and rootchecker says i didnt root it correctly. I have a galaxy s3 sch-1535 android 4.4.2 please help
    02-17-2015 10:55 AM
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    Rooting has nothing to do with wifi. There is, though, an incompatibility between 4.4+ and TKIP, so that may be causing a problem. (Most routers are left ar TKIP+AES, and even changing the biggies, like a Linky, to AES only doesn't fix the problem.) After a few months I still haven't figured it out (I'm not about to wade through a few megs of Wireshark dump without getting paid for it), so I just bought a cheap Netgear N300, set it to AES and I don't care if Cisco ends up closing Linksys and we never see them any more. (A company that's incompatible with an entire industry, and they don't care? That's not the Linksys I'd never buy anything else but.)
    03-20-2015 11:42 PM

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