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    Ok, so over the weekend I was having trouble charging my daughter's GT3. I let it charge for a little bit and hit power and it didn't fire up. I'd used Power + Volume up before and it had told me it wasn't charged enough. I didn't know that if it had enough power it would take me into odin. So I held them both down and it took me into odin (stupid mistake number 1). I wasn't paying attention, I was just happy it was charging. I figured it would do whatever it needed to and boot like normal after. An hour or two later, it was still at the "Downloading..." page. I powered it off (stupid mistake number 2). Now I can't get it to power up at all. I've left it charging for hours (24+) and it still wouldn't power up. If I leave it charge and try to get back into Odin it still gives me that red text that the battery is too low. Not all the time though, only after I've left it charging for a while.

    The Samsung wall plug has long since been lost. We still have the microUSB cables but they've started to fray on the micro side. i've relaced them with new plugs and cables from monoprice. They seem to work fine on my GS4 and GT3. I've tried other charger/plug combos and i still can't get the thing to power up.

    So, what'd I do? Do I brick it? Did I kill the battery? Can it be fixed?
    02-17-2015 05:33 PM

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