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    I'm trying to figure out how to transfer my photos on my straight talk galxy centura to a sd card and can't figure out how. Can you give me a step by step procedure?
    02-17-2015 07:16 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Total Commander is about the easiest app to use, if you don't want to connect the pone to a computer. If you hold the phone in landscape mode, you get two windows. In the right one, go to the external SD card. Create a Photos or Pictures folder (or, if you want to stick to the industry standard, name it DCIM (which stands for Digital Camera IMages), then put folders inside that for Camera, Downloaded, Yosemite, whatever - they'll show as albums in Gallery). In the left window, find a picture you want to move. press the icon for the picture file and drag it to the right window, already opened in the folder you want the picture to go to. Choose Copy, not Move. (If the move goes bad, you lose he picture. If the copy goes bad, you still have the original.) If the copy worked, delete the original. Go on to the next picture.

    It's easier if you connect to a computer. Open 2 Computer (or My Computer) windows, one to the card, one to the phone. then do the same as above. (You're working on a larger screen, with a mouse, and a procedure you're familiar with - dragging files from one place to another on a computer.)
    02-18-2015 06:50 PM

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