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    I was trying to create more room on my Samsung Galaxy S5, so I hooked it up to my laptop with my USB cord. I opened up the file and highlighted the audio files that I created with my "Voice Recorder" app, and "cut" and "pasted" them to my computer. I put them in a file that I didn't want them in, so I hit control-Z to "undo". Then, they disappeared! I cannot find them on my phone, so I hit control-Y to "redo", but nothing happened. I tried to right click and "paste" again, but the button was gray, so it would not let me click "paste". I cannot find the files on my computer or on my phone now! Please help!!!!! There were like 10-15 files that I made that were classes for school to help me understand and also yoga classes on there!! The files were pretty large, like over an hour a piece. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!
    02-17-2015 11:57 PM

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