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    I bought an Lg Optimus L90 thru MetroPCS. I used the phone as is for about a month and added a few of my own apps such as Tetris, e-bay,netflix, and facebook. After some updates the" Low Memory Space" and "Storage Space running out" warnings started popping up.I went out and bought a 32gb microsd card and installed which i could not get to work until i went thru LG customer support. After a long process ( which I dont remember ) I got the phone to be able to install more apps, get updates,and the messages mentioned prior stopped popping up. Now my girlfriend wants me to install Skype so we can video chat and it says unable to install due to insuffecient storage space and the messages about storage space and low memory are constantly in my toolbar. Can you help me with this for i thought the 32gb chip would allieviate these problems.
    02-19-2015 02:41 PM
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    The hone has 8GB of storage, so you're not going to get many large apps there. (You don't save much space with many apps by moving them to the card - each piece needs a link to it in internal storage, so unless the app is written in a few large pieces (IOW, by a developer who understands Android, not, like most apps, by someone who uses a framework and changes it to be "his app"), the pieces you move aren't much larger than the links, and the move only saves a few K.

    If you want to run Skype, back up all your apps and data (you can use Helium, uninstall your apps and install Skype. Then restore the apps, most important first, until you run out of space.

    (Running out of RAM [memory] in Android isn't a calamity, as much as a notice that you're trying to do too much at once, and your phone is going to be slow. Android will kill an app when you want to run another one, if it needs the space. [Since apps are responsible for always keeping their current state stored, that app will just pick up where it left off when it becomes the foreground app again.] If you're still running Gingerbread, that's typical - low memory warnings were common once apps started being written for Android 4. They had more memory to use, so the developers used more.)
    02-19-2015 03:39 PM

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