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    Hello, yesterday I took a tablet Huawei Mediapad 10 link Android 4.1.2 and while I was playing with it I noticed some things.

    - The picture of the camera is always turned at 90 °, meanwhile in the app-a camera, everything is correct.
    - When you choose to take a picture, it gives a black screen and crashes and can not load camera
    - When you want to record a voice message and hold the red button, the tablet orientation rotates (landscape <-> portrait) for 1 second and it rings with sound similar to "error"

    For now in the other app camera and audio recording work properly.

    Attempts to fix:
    - I downloaded another camera app and tried to make it default, but the results are the same.
    - I read around the net and tried different things - none result.
    - Factory Reset, without recovery of information from google account - everything is the same ...

    After that I don't know what to do and I hope someone of you can help me!
    02-19-2015 03:38 PM

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