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    can't get local music on device to play by saying ok google play music. can get it to play an artist or song using listen now but not all music by just saying play music. saying play music opens google listen app, attempts to play I'm feeling lucky mix then fails with couldn't prepare instant mix. i was able to get the htc default music app to launch after saying ok google play music but it opens to an htc music app search rather than playing the music. i am able to change the listen now setting to downloaded only and it will play all local to device music but once ok google play music is used the listen now app automatically switches the downloaded only setting off then attempts to play the I'm feeling lucky mix then fails with the couldn't prepare instant mix error. so bottom line... saying ok google play music does not play all music that is local to the device. anyone else have this problem and a solution??? thanks.
    02-21-2015 10:10 PM
  2. lthrwing's Avatar
    update: i opened settings\apps\all, opened google play music app, selected uninstall update, recieved message "do i want to revert to the default version" or something similar to that (sorry didn't write that down), selected yes, performed reboot on phone, after reboot tell phone "ok google play music", the google play music listen now app opens, the voice says playing music and it starts playing my locally stored music. i am not able to launch "I'm feeling lucky instant mix", still get message that it couldn't prepare mix. Listen now setting "downloaded only" is set to off. turning this on then saying ok google play music the listen now app turns downloaded only off and it plays local music. so although i can't seem to get it to play my playlists and i can't get it to pause or skip or stop playing music, i can tell the phone "ok google play music" and it opens google play listen now and begins playing my locally stored music. the version of google play music i now have is v5.7.1717q.1530520. going to google play store\my apps, google play music app indicates it needs to update. performed update, reboot phone, said "ok google play music", google play music opened listen now and my local music began playing. listen now version at v5.8.181or.1720607. so now it works. go figure. solution is: uninstall google play music update, reboot, install google play music update. hope this helps.
    02-25-2015 09:09 PM

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