1. AC Question's Avatar
    using kit kat 4.4.2 my S5 worked just fine..after updating it to 5.0, when paired to my car the phone numbers on all my contacts being displayed on the car are off by one number..so if i make a call from the car, it calls the wrong person, i have to place a call from my phone..ive deleted and repaired it to different cars (i work at a dealership) and problem follows
    02-23-2015 01:25 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    There's no guarantee that any particular phone BT profile will work with any given car BT profile. See if your car manufacturer has an update for Android 5.0 compatibility. (There's no standard for what data is transferred over BT, just how it's transferred.)
    02-23-2015 03:30 PM

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