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    Okay so recently my 16 GB SD card was full on my galaxy s5. So i ordered a Samsung evo 64 GB micro SD card. I put the 16 gb card into my computer and copy and pasted all the data over to my computer. At first it keep failing, until i copied each folder at different times, it wouldnt let me do them all at once. Then i copied the files from my computer to the 64 gb sd card. All of the videos were resized super small. So i deleted the 64 gb card and tried again. This time every picture and video were black. I deleted and tried again and it turned out like the first time, except i lost some recent pictures. I settled with the small videos to avoid losing more pictures. Soon after installing the 64 GB sd card (after i moved most of my apps to the sd card) a couple apps on my sd card would so up as if the sd card was removed ( a clear picture of an sd card). I tried to transfer them back to phone memory but it said they were not installed. So i uninstalled them from the play store and reinstalled them. Then i would get random messages like "com.facebook(blahblahblah) stopped working". So i would go into my app manager and would uninstall that to get it to stop popping up. This caused no apparent problems. Other apps would do it and i would do the same thing. Everything worked good for a couple weeks. Now my phone is giving me messages "contacts stopped working" every now and again. I have not done anything to try to stop this, i dont wanna loose my contacts. My internet (stock app) tabs keep crashing. They crash every 5 seconds and i cant do anything on the internet because it is so annoying. I tried clearing the cache, nothing. My battery doesnt hold as long as it used too and my phone is starting to run really slow and lags a lot. Ive come to the conclusion that a factory reset is my only solution. Should i format my sd card also after i reset? How should i save the data on my sd card and not run into problems like before. Thanks for your help, Kyle.
    02-23-2015 11:06 PM
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    Apps moved to the SD card aren't files that can be copied from the card to the PC, they're data stored in an area marked used, but without a directory entry. There's a link in internal storage pointing to the location of that data (one link for each piece of each app moved).

    When you copy the card, the apps, not being files, aren't copied, so they're not on the 64GB card - so you can't move them back. Put the 16GB card back in and move them back to internal storage. Then, once you've set up the 64GB card, move them to the card.

    Also, you may be experiencing problems if you're using a USB hub - most of them fail under heavy usage (like transferring several large files). Connect the card reader directly to one of the PC's USB ports.

    As for reformatting the SD card, only if you want to store files larger than 4GB (which is the limit for FAT32), in which case you format it as exFAT.

    It also could be a defective (or even counterfeit) card. If it's a SanDisk card, go to SanDisk microSD Tech Support and open a live chat to get help from SanDisk.
    02-23-2015 11:58 PM

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