1. AC Question's Avatar
    So I haven't seen this question really asked anywhere.. but for some reason I am unable to receive LONG text messages (read... more than a few sentences) from iPhone users.

    I used to be an iPhone user that recently switched to google (Nexus 6) and I LOVE it, but recently discovered that I'm not able to get LONG messages. I can still get short text messages (a few sentence or less), but anything longer than that doesn't go thru.

    I have unregistered my iMessage, etc etc -- but this is still a problem!

    Any help would be great!
    02-24-2015 01:10 AM
  2. GreenghostUvln's Avatar
    Sometimes it takes a while for imessage to unregister. But for the time being try downloading a texting app like Kik or whstsapp.

    Sent from my T-Mobile Galaxy S4 🌌
    02-24-2015 02:00 AM

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