1. AC Question's Avatar
    phone is plugged in goes to 60% then drops down to 30 some% without even using it
    put new battery in went from 17% to 60% then back down to 30% while being plugged in
    02-24-2015 09:42 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Which phone do you have? Have you tried leaving it plugged into a wall outlet overnight, preferably powered off, then try powering on again in the morning? If it's a new battery and the charge keeps falling quickly, there might be a short somewhere.

    It would help to see some battery stats. Charge up to 100%, then let it drain to 20-30% with normal usage, without charging in between. Then show us:

    1. The main Settings>Battery screen.
    2. The fullscreen battery graph screen (which shows Awake time and Cell Signal Strength).
    3. The Screen category (to see total Screen On time).
    4. The Cell Standby category, if present (to see Time Without Signal).

    02-25-2015 01:20 AM

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