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    I updated my galaxy s4 to the latest OS. Everything worked fine for a while, until I ran out of battery later in the day. When I turned the phone back on, most of my apps were gone.. and I could not access the play store app in order to get them back. Therefore I decided to factory reset.

    Since I had everything backed up through my google account, avast (through google) and samsung account, I didn't think I would have a problem (never had a problem doing this on my previous phone.. and iphone.. considering going back after this..).

    When I had reset the phone, it asked me first if I wanted to get all my contacts, sms, etc. from a saved backup that had been made the same day. I of course clicked yes. Right after that, samsung account came up (where I also had a backup) and asked me the same thing. I figured "hey, if its two backups of the same thing then it shouldn't have any negative effects, and the phone should like.. understand, shouldnt delete anything". I was wrong. When I went into my phone everything was deleted, and I mean everything: contacts, notes, CALENDAR, sms, etc. When I went to "accounts", to see if it just hadnt sinced, it said it had just sinced, which means it overwrote everything.

    On iphone there was an option to find older backups from what I remember (since it is quite dumb to just have one version of a backup). Is there a possibility of doing this with android? Is there any hope? Any way of getting some old backup file stored somewhere in google accounts or something? Ive tried looking, but haven't found anything.. quite frustrating since I have contacts from years back...

    Sorry for the long message.. but I thought I'd describe everything. Thanks in advance!
    02-25-2015 03:45 AM

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