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    In Tweetcaster, I activated "enable notifications" for a few users I want to be notified when they tweet.

    I follow a lot of users, but I want to be notified only when some of them write new tweets.

    I can't get it work properly.

    I unticked the "notify in new tweets" because I don't want to get a notification on every tweet from people I follow. But then I don't get any notification for new tweets from the specific people I had enabled notifications.

    If I enable "notify on new tweets" I get a tweet for every user I follow. If I don't enable it, I don't get any notification for the specific users I wanted to. The "enable notifiation" on user profile seems useless

    Does someone can explain me how to do it or what is the use of this "enable notification" on user profiles?
    02-25-2015 06:43 AM

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