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    I recently upgraded my M8 GPE to Lollipop. I am not crazy about it and want to downgrade back to KitKat. So I used the method everyone else uses.

    1. Download the ROM
    2. Copy it to the SD card
    3. Shutdown and enter bootloaded by holding in the Power and Up/Down rockers.

    The problem is it will not go into bootloader mode. It will boot and give me "Google" logo and then vibrate a little. Then it just goes black and does it again. It will do this until I release the buttons. Then it will boot as normal. What am I missing? This phone did this easily when I had KitKat before. I have also upgraded (aka forced) new versions on other phones using the same bootloader method.

    If I do finally get it to boot other than normal it says "Safe Mode" in the bottom left corner.

    Thanks in advance,
    Just not a Lollipop fan.
    02-25-2015 08:01 PM

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