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    So my phone has just recently started acting up out of nowhere. The battery started to drain very rapidly. I noticed that it was draining about 1 percent every minute or so. I've since got 2 brand new samsung batteries and im still having the same issue. I've tried doing a factory reset, a cache clear, and checked all the apps and everything seems normal. I also noticed that if I fully charge my phone and take it off the charger at 100 percent and then shut it immediately, once I turn it back on its now at 85 percent or around there. This isn't making any sense. Any help would be great.
    02-26-2015 10:43 PM
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    Sounds like a short in the phone's hardware.

    Turning the phone off isn't like turning a light off, you don't disconnect the battery, you just turn off the computer (and the screen, and the radios, etc., etc.) If there's a short between the battery terminals (not a dead short, or the phone wouldn't turn on, but a low-resistance short that's draining a significant amount of current) and the point at which things get turned off, the battery will continue to drain even with the phone "off". I'd suggest removing the battery until you get this fixed, since letting it drain constantly will kill it pretty quickly.

    It's going to have to go into a repair shop, unless you have the equipment to analyze and repair electronic equipment and are good at figuring out circuits that you can't get diagrams for. (But if that were the case, you'd probably have asked a totally different question.)

    If you don't already have everything backed up, plug in the charger and back up everything that you don't want to lose to a laptop, desktop, cloud account (2 places are better than one) before going any further. If the motherboard has to be replaced, your data goes with it. (So do all your installed apps, so you may want to back them up too, at least to save the time of downloading them. Helium will back up both the apps (if you uncheck "data only") and any data they've saved. Copy the folder named carbon to where you're saving things - that's the one helium creates. (If the phone isn't rooted, Helium will tell you to download a file to your PC. It's legitimate - Helium needs either root or that file to work.) All your other files are easy - drag and drop to your computer. (Make an "Android" folder to put all of it in, then upload the Android folder to a cloud account. Then no matter what happens, short of the Earth blowing up, you'll probably have a good backup.)

    Oh, your contacts. If they're not Google contacts (they'd show on Google Contacts), export them to the SD card, then import them from the SD card - to your Google account. Then sync them. They'll be saved on Google Contacts for after the phone is fixed. (Syncing the new phone will bring them all back.)

    And you can back up texts with SMS Backup & Restore. (I think I'm going to write a Guide on this, if we don't already have one.)
    02-27-2015 12:03 AM

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