1. merlin7777777's Avatar
    last night i was kept half awake by bleeps from my s4.

    It wasn't on charge and it looks as though it was periodically reporting a drop in battery life including a bleep.

    it doesn't normally happen overnight as i have blocking mode set for all but alarm and timer and it's still set for this.

    I{ can't find a way to turn this bleep off (don't even need it during the day)
    I can't find a way of blocking it overnight.

    Another thing which may be relevant, is that the phone was blocking/rejecting calls from a number which is not normally blocked, is not added to my reject list and call rejection is disabled anyway. the subsequent voicemails were rejected too. if you have blocking mode set for ring tones, does that actually reject a call or just silence the ringer? I wasn't even given the option to answer it!
    02-28-2015 06:49 AM

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