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    Just got my new ME Rainbow7 quadcore tablet. The tablet have 2 internal storage, first is I think for apps which is about 1g(damn i was tricked!) and the other internal storage have almost 4g. So i looked for a fix and came across link2sd. Followed the instructions carefully and partitioned my other internal sd to 2.5g fat32 and 1.5g ext2. The problem now is I cannot use my fat32 and ext2 partitioned storage. My phone cannot detect my fat32 partition, while the ext2 partition can be detected but virtually useless.

    Is there any way to restore my internal storage back? tried to reconnect it to pc and when I turn on usb mass storage prompt, its does not connect, it's always loading i think (running circullar arrow). Btw, my phone was already rooted.
    03-01-2015 05:29 AM

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