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    My husband and I both have Galaxy s3 phones. We're going abroad and only have one power converter so we'd like to plug both phones into a single charger plug with 2 ports.

    When we plug our phones into the Zgear wall charger and check under the battery settings, the following message is displayed: [amount of charge] charging (ac). . . the same message that comes up when we use the chargers that came with the phones.

    But instead of a black lightning bolt on the battery icon, we get a red x on the battery icon. Verizon says that means it's not compatible or not charging. But the phone SAYS it's charging.

    Since the message says it's charging can we ignore the red x on the battery icon? Or not? We don't want to ruin the phones. Thanks.
    03-02-2015 04:04 PM
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    The only possibility of a problem is that the charger isn't capable of supplying enough current to charge the phone at the rate it's designed to be charged at - so getting to a full charge will take longer. You can't ruin the phone by charging it with a very small charger or a very large charger - it will take what it can get, up to the limit it's designed for. (A 100 Watt light bulb draws just under 1 Amp in North America [where the power grid is nominally 110 Volts] - even though the house can supply 200 Amps.)

    I'm not sure what thered X means, I've never seen it on my Note 3, but it could mean "not a Samsung charger" - which is like saying "you didn't buy gas at my gas station". Who cares?

    I've charged phones with 100mA (0.1 Amps) from a USB port on a phone and I normally charge my phones from a 30 Amp bench supply - they don't care, except that they take longer to charge from the computer. (The only problem would be if the phone is using more current than the charger can supply - then there's no current left to charge the battery, so you'd have to turn the phone off to charge it. But most 2 port chargers can supply at least 1 Amp from each port at the same time, so that wouldn't be a problem for you.)
    03-22-2015 01:07 AM

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