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    I was able to track my phone to a street but not exact address and when I got a duplicate SIM card for my old phone, I wasn't able to locate it any longer. How can I track it when the battery is turned on or off?
    03-03-2015 11:15 AM
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    Hello. I should have tried to list all the holes I find in Android Device Manager.
    This may be another one.

    I presume you have activated the new sim in another device.
    What system did you use to first locate the area, ADM, Lookout, other?

    Your lost device should still be listed in Android Device Manager, even if you are using a different device now.

    You don't need the lost device to be turned on, or Location activated (though you must have initially) to leave a new Lock command with a message and contact number on the screen whenever / if it's turned back on. Same with a wipe command.

    All I can offer you is I Locked my second Samsung remotely, after I had loaned it out as an emergency spare for a visitor and forgot to first reset it. There was no sim installed and it was never used, so when I got it back the ADM lock and message came on the screen and it worked dandy.

    However I think that's no use to you as you first want to locate it. If you think it has ended up where some decent person has found it (most are) and wants to return it, try locking it with ADM. If there was no secure screen lock, they could find your number anyway.

    Sorry I sometimes think as I type, and it's more than my brain cells can handle.

    Could you Locate it when turned back on with a different sim, I don't know. Turned back on with no sim, maybe, but not sure.
    Try locking it or wiping it with ADM if you think ADM is still enabled by default in Security - Device Administrators.
    You may get a happy message when it's ever turned back on.

    03-03-2015 12:55 PM

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