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    I have tried to do this in my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 via the Rules For Filtering area in the settings, I want to be able to block top level domains, meaning, I want to block all emails from a specific country, so if I get an email from a dot JP address, how would I properly add this filter?
    I've tried star at star dot jp and star at dot jp, and every other variation of this I can think of to no avail.
    Please tell me the correct syntax to achieve this.
    I am currently testing this by emailing myself from my free CO dot UK email address but everything I've tried thus far gets through any sort if top level domain wildcard setup i try.

    03-03-2015 11:34 AM
  2. imrightbehindyou's Avatar
    Wildcards cam be setup different ways, either to filter out prefixes with 123.* or suffixes with .*123 but I have found that sometimes it won't recognize the country code, and what you have to do is block a number chain all throughout the caller's number. For that you type .*123.* but be warned that any number with a 123 sequence in it will be blocked, even local numbers. What I do for a compromise is to include as many numbers as possible for a country. For a while I noticed numbers from two similar prefixes and used .*23188.* and .*23177.* with great success. It is possible I might have unintentionally blocked someone important, but not really likely with 5 numbers vs. 3.
    02-26-2016 07:30 AM

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