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    And why does it have permission to make calls make texts access and keep all my info pix and anything else as well as permission to wipe out my phone sim and sd card?
    Is it a virus? How do I know whats supposed to be there and whats not?

    I bought an s5 on ebay that said 2 year warranty and rooted. Next day I was in terrible accident and hospitalized for 6 weeks. Came home thrilled to check out s5. Total let down. I check out the internet to see whats up, also to register it as Im a big fan of following protocol for such things.
    S5 is a pretty glitchy phone in general I start to realize. I know I have to do a lot of work with it but there is something way off with mine...first I notify paypal and ebay what happened and that the person who sold it to me said it was rooted with a 2 year warranty and brand new in box. After I scanned in proof of my inability to handle this sooner I informed them of all the problems just to see if I could give this one back and start from scratch with a new one. They both told me I shoudlve had someone take care of it while I was incapacitated.
    So next I go to register it, only my model number isnt there. My model number is just sm-g900. Samsung tells me this is an international phone and even if the warranty is legit they cant tell me.
    AFTER a factory reset It cannot stay connected to the network, turns off constantly, doesnt recognize AND sim, so I started it in safe trying to see what I can do to improve function as it seems my choices are figure it out throw it out or stick it to someone else. Im not a jerk, it was $600 and wow I should be getting paid this is so much work.
    How can I find out EXACTLY what is supposed to be on an s5 in the running phone app sections. Of course only I would know about apps O personally put there (none) but the other info shoudl be listed SOMEWHERE...even if verison and att and tmo have different things in those section unique to those subscribers, the primary info should be made available SOMEWHERE so folks can do some cross referencing when this companys put products they know are going to take up peoples time due to poor functionality! Theres no way samsung isnt aware of the trouble thier products have- cant they at least let us know what they MEANT to do since we the people are the ones who end up bringing thier product to the status we the people expected from the start??!!
    Im not all that great at figuring out phone and coputers, so if I blabbed on n on for something that ends up coming up easily when you do a google search (assuming that what you would do) trust me- I looked everywhere- but due to my limited understanding of lingo- it could be listed as "HERES WHAT SHOULD BE ON AN S5 INTERFACE" and I could miss it bc I dont know what interface means.
    Whats a lollipop btw? Should my s5 be emitting a sweet sugary smell too? Bc it doesnt.
    03-03-2015 02:50 PM
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    If you purchased a rooted device it may not be covered under warranty and could have stuff installed that you shouldn't have. I would suggest a factory reset at the very least if you are uncomfortable with it being rooted then consider sending it back to the retailer and ask for a refund.
    03-03-2015 03:59 PM

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