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    like for real did you guys do ANY tests AT ALL?

    i felt like iw as getting a better phone thin i-crap...my fone was way beter with 4.8.9.z.ahsfbaikdfh then 5.0... holy **** worse mistake of my life

    **** YOU GOOGLE for real **** YOU
    03-05-2015 07:12 PM
  2. vinnie_boombhats's Avatar
    I have zero issues with lollipop. I like it. In my opinion, it leaves kit kat in the dust. But to each their own. Some people like rap, I have no idea how that is possible. Rap, is the most horrible sound I can think of.
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    03-05-2015 07:21 PM
  3. SactoKingsFan's Avatar
    Nothing really to complain about after over a week on 5.0.2. Seems smoother and battery life is a bit better.

    Sent from my G2 running CM 12
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    03-05-2015 07:43 PM
  4. lassemk's Avatar
    Nothing really to complain about after over a week on 5.0.2. Seems smoother and battery life is a bit better.

    Sent from my G2 running CM 12
    Lollipop have had serious problems especially on samsung devices and I have noticed the same on LG G3 as well. Samsung have had a lot of performance issues and worse battery life, on LG G3 I have had only worse battery life. There have been some complains on other brands as well. On your case, cyanogenmod may do the difference. Cyanogenmod have either way better battery life comparing to stock ROMs.
    03-07-2015 03:35 PM
  5. minik6's Avatar
    I have a LG G2 and after the update to 5.0 it sucks the battery and half my apps don't work correctly! Why don't they ask before the upgrade if you want to upgrade that way you have a choice? One of the biggest things is I cant send picture MMS texts anymore. Now I have absolutely no support now to resolve the issues I have. ATT won't touch it for some reason and wheres the "store" for android? Nowhere is where! Its an online business so no one to talk to! Maybe I should switch to an iphone at least they have an "apple store" to have a face to face with to fix a problem! In summery update to 5.0 SUCKS!
    06-17-2015 01:51 PM
  6. belodion's Avatar
    ^^^Welcome to AC.

    Sorry to hear that you're having trouble. Android OS, especially on carrier devices, does demand a bit more input from the user, it's true, but all of us are ready to help you to try to fix it if we can. Having you tried a Cache Partition wipe, for example? Or a Factory Reset? I can understand if you feel that it shouldn't be necessary to do such things to keep your phone working - and for most users, it isn't - but sometimes you've just got to poke about deep inside the phone to get back to where you were. Also, in fairness, the other systems have their problems too.
    But we'll help if we can.

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    06-17-2015 02:19 PM
  7. minik6's Avatar
    ok I reset the phone to factory settings and some of my problems have been fixed. I still can not send MMS pictures with the data turned off. I used to be able to send with the data turned off why cant I do it now?
    06-25-2015 09:42 PM

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