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    First off, i have a Galaxy s4. This has been happening for a while now and has happened 3 times this week. Before i go to bed, I send my girlfriend a message. The messages are longer, so they convert from sms to mms. I type it out and send it, then power the screen off and go to sleep. When i wake up, she hasn't received the message and i have no record of having sent it. It's not in the thread, in the history under her contact, not in any other person's messages. Searching terms specific to the message results in no messages being found. So basically, i recall sending the message but I have no records of it anywhere i look. We both have ATT, I have the Galaxy S4 and she has the iPhone 6. Is this a carrier problem or something with my phone? I can supply any more details if you need them. Thanks in advance!
    03-07-2015 12:10 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! When you send those messages, is mobile data on (since MMS requires mobile data)? If you have wi-fi on, I wonder if that might be causing some confusion for the phone, since MMS doesn't send over wi-fi. Technically, if you have both mobile data and wi-fi turned on, the phone should know to switch over to mobile data to send the MMS, but I've seen posts before where that doesn't seem to happen reliably.
    03-08-2015 01:18 AM

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