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    Hi all. Have a Samsung Galaxy Tab that has the built in mini apps feature. Have Android 4.1.2. Would like to use any apps other than the very limited built-in apps Samsung has to select from to be able to pull up while I have another app running.
    Looking for a replacement app where I could add my own app shortcuts that work like the mini app feature does. Would be most useful for taking/editing notes say from an ebook or the browser to OneNote or Evernote or adding a Google calendar entry without having to exit out of what you are doing.
    Seems so very basic. Can't understand why it's not a feature built in.
    Is there a best app out there that does this? I'm not interested in the in your face navigators that change up your screens. Have no interest in that. If I can find one, would use if for my phone as well.
    03-09-2015 11:29 AM

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