1. AC Question's Avatar
    I recently did the new update on my Samsung S5 and now on my lock screen there is a little white shoe icon. I cannot select it or move it and I did not download a new app for it. How do I remove this icon from the lockscreen?
    03-09-2015 05:41 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! I think that's the S Health pedometer. Go to Settings>Lock Screen>Additional Information, and uncheck Pedometer.
    03-09-2015 06:37 PM
  3. Badonde's Avatar
    What if additional information is greyed out? Pedometer on my S4 lock screen won't go away.
    03-28-2015 07:51 AM
  4. Badonde's Avatar
    Additional information greyed out on my S4. I can't get the damn thing off my lock screen.
    03-28-2015 07:57 AM
  5. Jamie Dunn's Avatar
    I also can't open "additional information " on my s4 as it is greyed out and set to on. Why is it greyed out. I want to remove the pedometer from my lock screen.
    03-29-2015 03:37 PM
  6. Jamie Dunn's Avatar
    Any ideas im stuck
    03-30-2015 09:15 AM
  7. muretski's Avatar
    I just found a solution for the greyed out Additional Information

    Go to settings -- lock screen -- personal message -- this should be turned off in order to access the Additional Information.

    Additional information -- pedometer -- you can turn it off here. You can also turn off the weather option here.
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    06-16-2015 02:07 AM
  8. waqassali2015's Avatar
    There is no additional information option in galaxy s4, do you have any solution for that?
    09-11-2015 02:03 AM
  9. Homer Harriott's Avatar
    I had this with my samsung galaxt note 4 and it is sorted the icon has gone
    11-06-2015 05:29 AM

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