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    So, I was perusing my phone when super user popped up and asked me to update my su binary, so I said yes, then it asked me to do it manually or automatically with TWRP or CWM, well, I have CWM installed on my phone, so I hit the automatic button.
    The phone reset and rebooted into recovery, only the screen started just flashing a picture of the recovery android, and the phone is completely unresponsive, I have tried resetting the phone with the buttons, and by taking out the battery but it just goes back to automatic recovery which isn't working. I have also tried to access it through my computer but it isn't showing up even when connected to USB.
    Has my phone bricked? I am pretty worried, what can I do?
    I tried to drain the battery as well, which didn't work.

    Thanks so much.
    03-12-2015 12:13 PM

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