1. Brattina1's Avatar
    I keep receiving a message stating that Goggle Talk authentication failed. The email address it shows is wrong. I said that I need to remove the "bad" email, but the only way to do that is to reset cell to default (which I'll need help with too). I want to save my contacts and photos.
    03-15-2015 01:54 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Google Talk doesn't exist any more--the name got changed to Hangouts a while ago. Did you just get this phone? When you first turned on the phone and went through the Setup Wizard, were you able to successfully log into your Google account? In other words, when it asked for your Google account, you entered your primary email associated with your Google account along with your Google password, and it proceeded normally after that?

    What accounts are your contacts currently saved to, your Google account or the Phone account? Open Contacts, pick any of your contacts, tap the Edit button, and look at the top of the screen--does it show your Google account or the Phone account? If it's the Google account, then those contacts should be synced automatically to your Google Contacts in the cloud. On your computer browser, go to google.com/contacts--you should see all of your contacts there. In that case, your contacts are safe in the cloud, and after a factory reset, those contacts will re-sync with the phone once you've logged back into your Google account.

    Photos can be copied easily to your computer by connecting the phone to the computer using the USB cable. Then open Windows Explorer (if you have a PC), look for the photos (if they were taken by the camera app, then look in the /DCIM/Camera/ directory), and drag and drop them to the computer hard drive.

    Another thing you can do is go to Settings>Accounts, select your Google account, tap Menu, and Remove Account. This won't remove any locally stored photos. Then tap Add Account, select Google, and go through the process again of adding your Google account.
    03-15-2015 02:57 AM
  3. christiano9911's Avatar
    Sync your contacts to your google account or export them to your memory card. Instagram Hack
    Maybe you need not to reset your phone. Just check your login credentials if they are correct or not.
    03-15-2015 12:03 PM

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