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    Hi, I have a LG G3 , the 2GB RAM model. I have flashed Cloudy ROM because it's without LG bloatware and feels a lot more snappy. Nova is the launcher which I am currently using because LG's launcher was redrawing himself from time to time. What is happening now it's that apps are getting closed after they are put in background. If I open FB, Viber, Hangouts and Dolphin Browser and switch between them in 1-2 mins, they are all open. But if I check FB or Dolphin Browser after 3 mins they will open from the beginning and not where I had left them. What I understand is that it is happening automatically to free the RAM but it is not very reasonable for a high-end phone with 2 GB of RAM such as the LG G3. Even the nexus 4 was handling better the background apps. How can I solve this issue ?
    03-15-2015 12:56 PM

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