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    The Andy emulator runs on both Windows and Mac. The Windows version has readily available root kits, but the Mac version does not.

    I've installed adb and fastboot in my Mac's /usr/bin and followed various sets of instructions, but they always fail at the point where I need to put a new version of su on the emulator's /system/xbin directory. I suspect that Andy runs in a way that write-protects the file system.

    Has anyone managed this (on the Mac)?
    03-15-2015 07:36 PM
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    Might be a bit late, but just for reference (this worked for me on the 4.3 version of Andy):
    Download files from this thread: (Sry i am not allowed to post links - please remove the whitespaces) h t t p : / /forum . xda-developers.com/ general/help/ andyroid-android-emulator-4-1-root-t2929466

    1. Install adb (for example using brew):
    brew install fb-adb
    android update sdk --no-ui --filter 'platform-tools'
    2. Start Andy and install Superuser.apk found in thread attachment
    adb install Superuser.apk
    3. Install the right su binary:
    adb push su /storage/sdcard0/
    adb shell
    mount -o remount,rw /system
    mv /system/xbin/su /system/xbin/su.old
    cp /storage/sdcard0/su /system/xbin/su
    chmod 06755 /system/xbin/su
    mount -o remount,ro /system
    Anonymous bugmenot user
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    08-08-2015 06:28 AM
  3. BHuyn's Avatar
    Hey !

    I've done first 2 steps succesfully but when i try to do : "su", I've this msg : /system/bin/sh: su: not found

    And when i try : "/storage/sdcard0/su", have this :" /system/bin/sh: /storage/sdcard0/su: can't execute: Permission denied"

    Do you have a solution to fix it or do you know why it does that ?

    PS : sorry for my english I'm french !
    09-18-2015 12:14 PM

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