1. AC Question's Avatar
    8gb to 32gb. Using Windows to transfer. Any help would be appreciated!
    03-17-2015 04:33 AM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    I will say it depends on the game... I say that because I've only found one game that keeps your progress after a reset or from device to device if you move the SD. That game is Cut the rope. Typically No you cannot simply move a file and have all of your achievements and progress. You might think other devs or Google would fix this, because the only way to not loose everything is to root your device and begin backing up afterwards. Prior to that you loose everything to root but afterwards you can restore everything, even your email accounts, without setting them all up again or loosing any data. I mean there's no harm in trying, it might work out for you on a couple of them.
    03-17-2015 07:57 AM
  3. anon8380037's Avatar
    From the way @Rukbat explains how apps use sd cards, I think it would only work if you Move an app to device storage again, then move it back to the new card.

    How you could move several apps logistically one at a time and keep swapping cards, assuming you don't have enough device space for several, or even one full game app - requires more coffee than I have access to right now.
    03-17-2015 08:14 AM

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