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    I have a job as a contractor where the agency will send out emails containing jobs at random intervals throughout the day which include a link at the bottom which allows you to "accept" the job if you are free. These jobs are extremely competitive, and if I take so much as two seconds to hit that accept link, nine times out of ten it will have already been taken to somebody else receiving the group email.

    As a result, if I receive the Gmail 'push' notification for a new email even a second after somebody else does, it means that I have no income, so this is causing a very large amount of stress. I have tested my phone and noticed that I sometimes receive a notification about five seconds after sending the email, but this varies, and it is often 19 seconds or sometimes a minute.

    I have read everywhere that the 'push' notifications are instantaneous and I agree that for 99.9% of people this can be considered instantaneous, but for me, every fraction of a second is the difference between getting paid or not.

    As such I really need something that will make these notifications absolutely instantaneous - an app or an addon? Something I can do to the settings or the phone? Obviously I have Gmail set to sync the inbox and have a loud notify tone. Should I turn off wifi? I really need some help from somebody who knows.

    Another question that occurred to me is that my gmail address starts with a "w" --- When an email is sent to a large number of addresses, do the addresses starting with a, b, c, etc receive the email first? Does it send alphabetically? Failing that, is there an email server other than Gmail that will receive mail faster?

    This is adding a huge amount of stress for me so somebody please help me out.
    03-18-2015 12:40 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I'm not sure if there's anything that will be helpful. It's not that the notifications are being delayed--it's that the sync can never be 100% instantaneous. There will usually be some variable delay between when the server gets the email and when it syncs with your phone.
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    03-21-2015 11:34 PM
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    The idea behind email, and the way the entire system was developed, is that, no matter what, unless the planet is destroyed, email will arrive eventually. That usually means in 10 seconds or less, but it could be several minutes or even an hour or more - when the system is operating with 100% efficiency. (The design allows for, for example, the entire center of the US to be bombed into slag. Emails sent from New York to Los Angeles would get rerouted through Canada, to Greenland, Iceland, Europe, etc., etc., eventually ending up in Los Angeles - maybe 12 hours later. It was actually developed so that the IRS could collect taxes from whoever was still alive in the event of atomic war. It was used for the scientists and technicians who were developing it to communicate about it long before the military saw what they had paid for.)

    If you want almost instantaneous (almost meaning within 5 seconds or so), use voice. Text usually works within 5-10 seconds, but it can also be delayed by hours.

    The only absolutely instantaneous method is analog radio. (Digital signalling has an inherent delay.) That would mean an old pocket pager with the capability of at least a few lines of text and you'd call them back by voice.

    Any other method - any other - can be anywhere from less than 1 second to several minutes when everything is working right, and there's no way to "control" it so that it's always in the 1 second range.

    (I say all this with 57-1/2 years of experience in the electronic communications field. If the police can't have instantaneous communications, how do you expect to? [And a trunking system - even though it's close, and it's about all that's used today to send emergency personnel to a scene where someone is bleeding to death - isn't instantaneous.] Even a landline telephone call isn't these days - most of the route is digital, so it has latency delays.)
    03-22-2015 12:00 AM
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    You could install an app like Force Gmail Sync (play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=forcegmailsync.com) and set the sync frequency to the fastest setting. This would force Gmail to sync even if the push notifications stop working, which they frequently do for a lot of people (including me). I think the fastest setting is 60 seconds but you might be able to ask the developer to change that? I emailed them once and they replied within 20 minutes and were genuinely helpful
    04-01-2015 06:09 AM
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    I know this thread is old now, but they were not playing fair by using emails to allow bids, and knew they were not. Anyone who has ever sent or waited for an email knows this, and why I am dubious about the question.

    I have been recording the US series "Shipping Wars" and love watching a few at a time. (We are a couple of years+ behind on a lot of US shows aired on secondary channels in the UK)

    U-Ship or whatever, do it the eBay way but in reverse, where their site posts job descriptions at a certain time and the lowest bid wins when the countdown ends. Unless they post too many jobs at the same time and don't spread them out, it seems the only way to do it.

    I'm gonna swallow Rukbat's post again later, and look at U Ship.
    04-01-2015 08:18 AM

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