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    I have a really annoying problem. Music (Wimp music player) randomly lowers while i listen to music. What ive seen there is something happening on the phone when it happens. It can be apps updating or that im reciveing text/email. The volume goes down to about 60% of the current volume and if i push it up to max it still is very low.
    To solve it i have to into wimp and press paus/play. Then it resets the volume.

    I downloaded 5.0 a couple of days ago so its really fresh. Have the Sony Z3 Compact.

    Google says there is more that have this but with other firmware

    From what i can tell its the hardware that doesnt support the software or Wimp that have to update its player to support lollipop.

    Anything i can do about this? Downloaded the Hearingsaver app - havnt evaluated it yet but dont think its likely to solve anything.


    /Andreas, Sweden
    03-18-2015 02:06 AM

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