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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to here but can't wait to get started on learning more about my Samsung Galaxy s5! I had the misfortune (and well, not too bright idea) of using Samsung Technical Support to help me with an issue on my Galaxy s5, they used Smart Tutor to access my phone, and in the process they deleted a huge folder of mine with treasured photos.....I do have back up on Cloud, but sadly (another lesson learned) I had run out of room on my free account about 2 months ago, and never upgraded....so now I'm greatly missing all the photos that got deleted and am trying to somehow find software or whatever I can do, to see if I can retrieve them. This was from my internal memory, not my SD card. I did try using Dr Fone (Think that's the name) and their software couldn't "recognize" my model, which I didn't understand. I'd really prefer being a newbie at this and all, not using any software that requires Rooting or anything that voids warranty or is very risky (I know, probably dreaming lol). The really sad thing is, the main reason I went through using Samsung Technical support was to move folders from my internal memory to my SD card, to help make room for the Lollipop update, which now like a lot of you, I'm not happy with at all sigh. I also had been assured by the tech at Samsung she hadn't deleted a folder (though it looked that way to me) and I'm concerned that having installed the Lollipop update means I have no possibility of retrieving any of my photos.
    Thanks so much for any help!
    03-19-2015 01:04 AM
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    Hi Everyone,
    That's my post above, I thought I was logged in (was my very first post) LOL! I just saw it posted as me being a guest, ugh. Hope someone can help, thanks again!
    03-19-2015 01:13 AM
  3. TechhieFan1's Avatar
    Not sure if replying bumps this back to the top, still looking for help thanks so much!
    03-19-2015 11:35 PM
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    Actually, I don't think you need to worry about the phone is loot or not-loot problem. There are a few malicious programs in the area of Android. you even need not to careful with that. you only need be careful with the malicious massage or fraud or something. I have a MI 1S (I don't know if you know this Chinese phone ) Mi 1S is looted at the first moment it is turned on by the customer. Although they didn't do that Mi2. but My Mi 1S is perfectly fine.( it lags a lot though, but it is not because it is looted) I don't have any security problems since I brought the phone.
    My advice is to loot the S5, and your Fone or other kind of recovery software.
    I have a article about this. If you decide to loot, I have a Similar situation Here for you. hope can help
    04-29-2015 01:48 AM

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