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    i installed app2sd as suggested by my phone maker Kazam but when I try to use it I am told I have to change the apps to root.
    03-20-2015 06:00 PM
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    You don't "change apps to root", you root the operating system on the phone. but that aside ...

    Run Application manager (in Settings/General). Find the app. Tap it. Look for the Move to SD card button. If it's not grayed out, tap it. Press the Home button to get back to the homescreen and run the app through its paces. If it works, long-press the Home button, tap Application manager, go on to the next app you want to move, etc.

    Some apps can't be moved. System apps and widgets won't run from the SD card. Some apps, even though they're not system apps or widgets also wopn't run from the SD card. (It's so simple to create an app these days that some "developers" don't know enough to check that their app will run from the card, or write it so it will, and to make it not moveable if it won't, so you'll get apps that move, but crash, or don't do some of their functions if they're on the card.)

    A few tings about running apps from the SD card:

    1) Apps are written in "chunks". Each chunk is moved separately. For each chunk moved, there has to be a link in internal memory pointing to where on the SD card that chunk is. (Android was never designed to run apps from the SD card - it looks in internal storage for what it needs.) If the chunks aren't much larger than a link, you're not saving much by moving the app to the card.

    2) The app isn't moved as an app, it's moved as a chunk of code. If you put that card into another phone, the app isn't installed on the new phone.

    3) Because of 2, and the fact that the chunk isn't even stored as a file, unless you clone a card, copying everything from a smaller card to a larger one (why else would you be doing this) won't copy the chunk. So plug in the new card and the app isn't there.

    4) Solid state storage (like internal storage and SD cards) has a limited (huge, but limited) number of write cycles for each cell (location). Internal storage acts more like a solid state drive (SSD) - it scatters writes on the storage, so no one spot gets written to constantly - like when an app saves data 20 times a day. That lengthens the time until storage fails - usually to the point that the phone is useless for other reasons before storage fails. (Anyone want a perfectly good phone - that can't be activated because it has no GPS and all phones have to have GPS? The storage still works. Even my MicroTACs still have good storage, and they're about 25 years old. Useless, but good storage.) Constantly writing to the same spot on an SD card will give you a 32GB card with 16GB never used, but a useless card, because half the card has been used more than it can take.

    5) Solid state storage (internal or external - I'm just taking this opportunity to bring this up) will fail. It's not a matter of if. It will eventually. (The last perfect device made was ... uh, the universe isn't perfect, so it would have to more than 14.7 billion years ago.) BACK IT UP. If there's something you don't want to lose, have it on your computer and at least one cloud account. (There are so many free cloud accounts these days that I don't think it's possible to have more than you can store for free, unless you want a picture of every person on the planet.) No matter how good your phone is, if a truck rides over it you can't recover any data from it. If you didn't back it up, you don't really need it.

    All that being said, there's no reason to not move apps to the SD card. Just know what you're doing and what could happen. You could get hit by a falling airplane, but that never stopped anyone from going outside. But if they saw a plane falling right near them, they'd most likely move. Don't go outside in the 21st century f you don't know what an airplane is, and that they can fall.
    03-20-2015 07:18 PM

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