1. pjwk81's Avatar
    I have recently purchased a Logitech Type S for my Galaxy Tab S but can't see any way of getting either a pound or euro currency sign on it. The $ is shift+4. Is there any way to open a symbols menu or to reassign keys to symbols?
    03-21-2015 08:18 PM
  2. anon8380037's Avatar
    Nothing on the Logitech UK manual, the community forum posts point to changing the Android device keyboard to UK settings, so check in Language and Input if you have English UK and see if the dollar will print a pound sign. Doesn't sound likely though.

    Try Logitech direct.

    Was it UK Sourced, I would have thought there would be a UK version, like MS keyboards.

    03-21-2015 09:03 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    If it's a standard keyboard, Alt-156 is £ and Alt-0128 is €.
    anon8380037 likes this.
    03-21-2015 09:18 PM
  4. anon8380037's Avatar
    ... bit of a pain if you are in the UK though.
    03-21-2015 09:23 PM

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