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    Hi so i've been using my nexus 5 for a year now, and I go to different country and cities because of my job and for that i needed an offline map, i've used different offline maps, followed the istructions on how to use it eg. (download a city map and routing map)

    My question are:

    1.)When my nexus 5 cannot determine my location:
    a) I turnoff/turnOn my phone
    b) turned it off for 5mins (or more)
    c) I even waited for 15mins for the application to locate me and still it can't find me?

    2.) and yes, sometimes it works, but its taking forever to find me (within 15mins or less)?

    it feels like my phone has its own mind whether to find me or not.

    any tips , facts , expereince or solution in to this is very much appreciated.

    thank you.
    03-22-2015 05:07 AM

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