1. fivebells's Avatar
    While attempting to replace a cracked screen I unwittingly pulled up the LCD while I was trying to separate the screen from it. In the process, I think I slightly tore the ribbon cable which connects the LCD to the digitizer circuitry, by driving a guitar pick against it. I can't get a good photo of the ribbon cable, but you can sort of see it here:

    Tore ribbon cable joining LCD to digitizer circuitry.  Can it be replaced? (Galaxy S4 SCH-I545)-arahcwi.jpg

    The cable in question is the orange stripe near the join of the two halves, and you can see some distortion near the top end of it. The left half is the chassis, the right half is the LCD+screen.

    Is it possible to replace just this cable, or will I have to replace the entire digitizer assembly?
    03-22-2015 12:30 PM
  2. DLK1's Avatar
    Replacing this cable is probably not something you can do as a DIY'er. The cable is probably soldered on at one or both ends. This type soldering take special equipment as it is surface mount technology. The distance between any two connections is no wider than a human hair. Get it not hot enough and you wind up with what is called a cold solder joint, get it to hot and the traces on the circuit board will separate from the board and pull up. Your best bet would be to replace the entire digitizer assembly. Or you could check with a local repair shop and they may do it for you. However, the labor would cost more that the part.
    03-22-2015 02:54 PM
  3. fivebells's Avatar
    Thanks, guess I'll go that way, then.
    03-22-2015 03:10 PM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    Also, if you needed a guitar pick to separate the glass from the LCD membrane, you probably didn't get the glass hot enough, so you probably tore the membrane and need a new screen.
    03-24-2015 05:26 PM

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