1. AC Question's Avatar
    why are there no answers in this forum?
    03-22-2015 09:45 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    There are plenty. But we're just users, like you, putting in as much time as we want to put in, answering questions we have answers to. It's not like this is a commercial "Android help" service.

    If someone would send me one of each phone, I could learn all the little glitches with each one and answer more questions, but there are plenty of questions I look at and can't answer. Other people probably have the same problem. You ask a question and no one has an answer, so we don't post 50 "sorry, I don't know" responses, so it looks like no one is answering YOUR questions - but there are questions with 5 or 10 posts in the thread, half of which might be answers.
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    03-22-2015 10:16 PM

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