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    Yesterday I charged my moto G 2nd gen with 10% but after few second it shows 100% and this happens twice . plz tell me how to overcome this problem
    03-23-2015 05:40 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Did it first go from nearly a full charge to 10% very quickly? If so, the battery is shot (it's growing a dendrite, which is a problem with lithium batteries that the industry hasn't found a solution for yet).

    If not, there's probably something wrong either with the ROM (the State of Charge is actually the voltage across the battery plugged into a formula - if the formula got corrupted or something else in the software did, it's going to calculate the SoC incorrectly) or the battery (it's not at the SoC the voltage at its terminals say it should be for that kind of battery [all phones use the same type of battery, chemically, which is what determines the voltage vs. SoC formula]).

    In either case, let it charge overnight. Use it until the phone says to charge it. (It, at that point, you can't charge it for a few hours undisturbed, turn it off until you can.) Then charge it to 100%. Some batteries just "jump" when they're new. (If it's an old battery, or if you usually drain it down to 10% - which is death for lithium batteries, never let it get below 40% - the battery could be at end of life. That would mess up the calibration also.)
    03-23-2015 06:42 PM

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