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    Im running cm11 on my Canadian Samsung Galaxy s4 which i installed using the cyanogenmod installer. I heard that after the cm11 M3 update, all snapdragon s4 variants were put into one called 'jflte'(before I was on 'jfltecan' ROM) and so I just downloaded the zip but wouldn't install. So to get it to install, I had to flash a jfltecan zip which installed and then I installed the jflte ROM. I don't know why i had to flash a jfltecan since I thought I was already on one but I think my cyanogenmod version is different since it was installed via the cm installer so it didn't recognize it as a device that the zip was installable on. But then anyways the ROM was awful and I was surprised it was a snapshot(daily driver material) because my home, back, and menu button didn't work so I had to turn on 'on screen nav bar' and the home button still didn't work, I wasn't able to control or select certain things, everything crashed and glitched. How come it did this? I really would like to get the m12 version because I believe I'm on m3 still.

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    03-23-2015 06:14 PM

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