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    I bought a memory card for my phone . I have it in , now what ? How do I put files on it etc. ?
    03-23-2015 09:47 PM
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    When you out your card in for the first time, and you start the camera app, it should prompt you to store pictures on the memory card. If it does not, go to your settings in the camera app (gear icon, or 3 dots) and find the storage section, and change it to the SD/memory card. You didn't say your carrier, or your phone brand. There may be other ways. Just my opinion, but SD cards get corrupted. Careful to back up to something from time to time. The Photo icon in your list of app's can auto upload your photos, But change it's settings to upload over Wi-Fi only, or it will eat your data plan up. The free Verizon Cloud updates your internal memory (over Wi-Fi), but does not back up SD memory. Other carriers may have their own free backup services.

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    03-23-2015 10:12 PM
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    {*Oops - I write too slow ^^}

    Hello. Welcome to Android Central.

    I like your honesty.

    Go to Settings - Storage - SD Card - Mount SD Card.

    Also format in the phone just in case.

    You can set the camera app, in the camera screen settings, to save to sd card.
    You can drag music files from a pc.

    If you have a Samsung, you can use My Files to select Documents, Music, other files by: Menu - Select, check items then Menu - Move - sd card.

    You may need a file explorer app in place of My Files if you have another brand without a file manager. ES File Explorer is oft recommended, though I don't like it myself !

    The Gallery and Music apps should also be able move files by menu - Select, menu - move. Let us know if you have a device problem.

    You can also free some space by moving parts of many downloaded apps to the sd card, but if you don't need to its better to leave them in device storage. If you change cards or it starts to fail you would need to move the apps back to the device, but it's not critical.

    To move apps: Settings - Apps / Applications Manager - All or SD Card column, choose apps, touch for the App Info screen, and Move to SD Card.
    03-23-2015 10:24 PM

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