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    I have an LG G3 (LTE network) that's screen cracked, still turns on but I cannot see ANYTHING on my phone's screen to add a debugger or rooter or the like. I took it in to see if I could get it fixed by my carrier (U.S. Cellular) and they said that unless I pay $250.00 to $17.00 (Not Including my $231.58+ monthly fee for the phone being paid off anyways) to get it fixed and back to me the next day.
    I am in a bind because U.S. Cellular will not release my sms or mms's because I don't have a supena/warrant. (That's the only way they'll give them to you now). Not only that but my main email account has a 2 step verification because my computer was recently remote accessed and I lost $900+ from an unknown person using my gmail wallet info to get my debit card info. I have a new card coming in the mail but the only way to activate that is with my email. And the only way to get into my email is to get a text message from gmail that's stuck on my non screen working phone. I also can't get any emails from the 15+ jobs I applied to because of that. But if I can get my texts from the phone, I can get into my gmail and everything will be good.
    Basically, if I can't get into my Gmail, I lose $5,000 and all my family's pictures.
    p.s. I already tried 7 times to have gmail release my account to me without the text but they have claimed that they can't verify it's me. So they won't let me get around the text verification code process.
    So, I need something I can use on my PC for an Android, LG G3 LTE that can get my texts to the computer without having to get my phone working.
    PPs. Alien resuer 2 and myphoneexplorer and sidesync won't work.

    Thank you
    03-24-2015 01:45 AM

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