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    I did the upgrade to the new version of Android (lollipop) on my phone a few weeks ago. But now what used to work with music playback in my car is not working. I have 2 different music apps, the stock app and one I downloaded called RocketPlayer. I RocketPlayer in the car for music playback to keep tracks separate from the other app which I use in other cases. Before, the upgrade, whenever I turned on the car, the Bluetooth connection was able to reliably go back to RocketPlayer app and resume playback from where it left off. Now it seems completely random - sometimes going back to RocketPlayer, sometimes going back to the stock app, and sometimes not doing anything at all. This is frustrating because I have to pull over and pull out my phone and restart the track RocketPlayer was playing. Is there any setting that I can use to configure what app Bluetooth accesses when started up?
    03-24-2015 08:26 AM

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