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    I'm retired. Repeat: I have no job. Shortly after receiving my Nexus 5 I had a dental appointment and follow-up a week or so later--with a sedation dentist (HATE dentistry, which is part of why this is so incredibly annoying!). Google apparently decided THAT is where I work, and at random times I get notifications that it's an 11-minute drive "TO WORK" at my dentist's office.

    Maybe I'm stupid, maybe it's all the nitrous, but I can't find where to change this. Help? It's been several months, so the Google Maps history doesn't show the dental visits ... but it sure doesn't want me to forget!
    03-24-2015 01:58 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    If it shows up in notifications (pull down the notification bar when it happens), long-press the notification and tap App info and you'll see which app is making the notification. You might have a repeating alarm set.
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    03-24-2015 04:45 PM
  3. Hypnotoadd's Avatar
    That actually could be a Google now notification. When you get that reminder, if it is a Google now reminder there should be an option to say you don't care about reminders to that place. I just had one pop up a few days ago to a local shopping mall so I had to turn it off.
    03-24-2015 05:45 PM
  4. Hypnotoadd's Avatar
    It's puzzling that it thinks that's your work, though...
    When you go into Google maps, go into settings & pick "Your Places". Is there a Work entry listed? If there is, you should be able to remove it.
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    03-24-2015 05:46 PM
  5. Kathrynne's Avatar
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    Yes, Google Maps somehow decided that's where I work! Pretty horrific when you realize I have to be sedated to go there! I mean, c'mon! We've all had rotten jobs, but ...

    And the reminders come at such weird times, irregular days ... weird!

    Gone! Now I just hope it remembers to remind me when I have an actual appointment!
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    03-24-2015 07:56 PM

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