1. nivekious's Avatar
    So I'd been planning on "upgrading" from my Galaxy S4 to the new GS6 later this year... until I heard about the "design changes" including a glass back. I've now ruled Samsung out, as if I wanted a phone with no removable battery, no expandable storage, and that feels durable but isn't I would just buy an iPhone.

    So what are my other options? The S4's seen better days at this point and I would like to replace by mid-May as I'll be going out of the country for a few months at that point and don't want to wait til I get back.

    I need something with an easily switchable battery as I usually change mine at least twice a day, and expandable storage as it makes it easy to clear up space filled with photos (just pop in a new card and worry about going through the pictures later). I'd also like an interface as similar to Samsung's as possible as I've grown used to it over the years but I guess I can adjust if I have to.

    Thanks for any advice!
    03-24-2015 04:06 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Note 4? There aren't too many choices in removable battery/external SD card phones any more. (And fewer in the future, I'm afraid.)
    03-24-2015 04:51 PM

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