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    So my first phone was a Nexus S, I basically threw the phone around and was reckless with it. And it took the punishment like a champ! After years with it the only damage it had was a small scratch on the screen.

    My next phone was a Nexus 5. The screen is now cracked in multiple places, as I was never aware how special my Nexus S phone was when it came to screen protection!

    So my question - where can I find a new phone like the Nexus S nowadays that has a screen fit to take the punishment?!

    03-25-2015 12:17 PM
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    That would be the one with the transparent steel screen - and you'll have to wait until Scotty invents it in the 23rd century. The more scratch-resistant a screen is, the harder it has to be. (Hardness resists scratches.) The harder a screen is, the easier it is to break. (Try "breaking" Jello.)

    My advice (which I follow)? Get a phone for which there's an Otterbox Defender case and only take it out of the case when necessary and when you're sitting down at a desk or table, preferably with a rubber tub mat. (I use one I got at WalMart for a few bucks - you can drop the phone screen-down from a foot without worrying - the mat is sponge. A "workout" mat would work too.)

    I've "played handball" with my phone - caught the charging cable with my elbow. The phone was on a wireless charging mat, so it got thrown across the room and hit the wall hard. I've caught the cable when the phone was plugged into the computer (and worried about the charging port, but not about the phone). And the other day I dropped the phone from face height onto concrete, flat on its screen - well, flat on the rubber that protects the screen. You can't find even a scuff on it. (Or on the wall.) I think that's about as break-proof as it gets.

    (I'm not usually that careless - I may have dropped a cellphone twice since they first came out until about a week ago. [I dropped a lot of unbreakable Nextel phones - no, not dropped then, threw them against a steel wall - to show customers that they were virtually indestructible, but that was a phone built to take that kind of punishment.] The past week has been particularly trying, due to my anger and frustration with a company not named Nile, with whom I'm having a bit of a problem - they have my money, I don't have their product, and probably won't be getting it - so I got careless.)

    I have 3 criteria if I buy a new phone, before I even look at the specs - an external SD card, a removable battery and, now, it has to have a Defender case for it. I won't buy a phone that doesn't. (About the only thing a Defender isn't is waterproof - and a ziplock plastic bag is.)
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    03-25-2015 06:39 PM

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